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Benefits to the Members

  • Membership in our community’s hardworking service club organization
  • Opportunity to volunteer in campus, local and world communities
  • Leadership training
  • Strengthen business and management skills
  • Networking
  • Resume building
  • Transferability of membership

Benefits to the Community

  • Provides leadership opportunities for members of society
  • Offers membership in a well-recognized service club
  • Increases humanitarian service for the campus community
  • Builds positive community public relations

Are you interested in joining our team?

Executives of the Humanitarian Society of Vancouver are ambitious, optimistic, and innovative individuals. They also work hard and step up when necessary to carry out the variety of tasks needed for our events. All executives are responsible for coordinating tasks with their committee and the rest of the executive team to fulfil our club’s vision. Executives have the ability to shape the impact our club makes on our community, providing a safe, open space for creativity and leadership.

Available Positions Include: (Deadline has passed for other positions)

🔴 General Volunteers 

See yourselves in one of these roles? APPLY by:

  1. Filling in the google form in our Instagram bio!
  2. Sending this page or the presidential team a DM about your interests 

For more information regarding the roles and the position we are offering, visit the google form or our website!!! Also, feel free to message us via email or DM. Apply today!!


Become a LEADER today

L – stands for listening and keeping an open mind regarding what you hear. It is important for people to be heard.

E – stands for evolve. To be willing to adjust yourself as the circumstances change in your teams. People change over time and as a leader you must evolve as well.

A – stands for awareness. As a leader you have to be aware of what is happening around you. What is the word on the street. We cannot be distant from the pulse of the organization.

D – stands for decisive. As a leader we need to be willing, ready and able to make a decision. Teams need a direction and a vision we need to be able to provide it. It can also stand for “Do-Over” because we have to also be willing to adjust if we determine we made a mistake.

E – As leaders we need to be “Ego-Less”. Leaders need to put their ego in their pocket and be open to feedback. Humility is a trait we all need to have.

R – stands for being “Reachable”. We need to be available for our teams. They need to know that it isn’t a hassle for you to speak with them. Make sure they know that you are here for them and they can speak with you any time.

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